Words of Rememberance

Smokey, I was honored when you asked me to speak for two minutes. Everyone knows about your prestigious career, your altruistic endeavors and especially your engaging speeches. What a tough act to follow! Fortunately it’s a pleasure remembering you!  

Life was always an adventure, whether you were leading us on bicycle rides, pulling all six of us on water skis or telling stories from your youth. Your great imagination and love of life made everything seem possible.  

When we were growing up, our house was the only one I know of where a lion or tiger waited in the dark in Mother’s formal living room daring a courageous child to enter, risking a chase or capture. There were pinching bugs in the pool and safari hunts across the lake. You transformed our world into a magical place. 

I’ve never known anyone with your boundless energy, unbridled curiosity and excitement for life. Spending time with you was always fresh. You were so electrifying to be around it was impossible not to feel invigorated and sometimes humbled in your presence. I know all of your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have felt the same way at times. It has been a privilege to be #5. 

I wish I could bottle up all the love and happiness you have brought to everyone close to you, splash it on a page for everyone here to see and to show you in black & white how much you have meant to all of us. I don’t know if you could have ever known just how much we love you. Not only do we love you, we also like you! 

You always said when you saw the moon you liked it because you knew you would be able to find your way home. The moon is pretty full tonight Smokey, so I know you’ll find your way. May flights of angels send thee to thy rest.