September 6, 1884

Canton Mo.
Sept 6th 1884
Dr. Lyman C. Draper
Madison Wisconsin

Very dear sir,

On my return from Jacksonville Ill., your highly esteemed favor was rec'd. and read with much pleasure.

I was sorry, that I cannot aid you in your praise worthy efforts in gathering up fragments of history of the great men of the past, who figured so conspicuously as did my old dear friend Stephen Ruddell, while with the Red men of the forest. I have sat by the hour listening to him, have smoked the council Pipe with him, have seen the wampum, and other momemtoes, which he brought with him from his adopted tribe, and heard him say, that he & Tecumpsah were adopted brothers, or rather he & Black Hawk were adopted by Tecumpsah's brothers, and Ruddell was the eldest, and would have succeded Tecumpsah as Chief of the tribe.

But nothing farther, can I recall, that would be of service. Mr. John Ruddell, his son, gave his history, years ago, to some one and if you could get that Mss, I think it would meet your wishes.
Very Respectfully Your fr'd

D. P. Henderson