This is a rough translation of the introduction to Ferdinand Walter's Autobiography. It answers one question but leaves many, he was married and had children and grandchildren. Later in the text at least one son is refered to named Georg. He mentions his father Franz Martin Walter & mother Maria Anna Noel Walter. More translation of the selected passages I have received courtesy of Bonn University may yield clues to prove/disprove the query.

Aus Meinem Leben - From My Life (1865)

Volwort - Foreword

The following communication is first of all written for my children and grandchildren; hereafter is the statement and the tone is the same to opinon. My children will be sure the image of their father always remains in this moment; indeed the coherent knowledge of his life as well as your memory and youthful heart is affixed to help. It was a strained life, which brought aflluent enjoyments to bear, and it became predominant, with your beautiful Mother faithful to carry and to assist. My granddaughter however, still in a most delicate age, whose sure to be over everything dearly, dignified memory to a bald Grandfather I compare to be. These lines shall they live to receive; to be spirit and to be blessing offered for you to be.

Senior and junior friends of mine ran an honored publication, for a desired circle. I entered into deliberate, yet these biographies were for chronicle, not for the story of the matter of sciences. Nevertheless while there I made a resolve, to pursue the peoples interests, those sympathies of friends and knowledgeable listeners both near and far, concerned with popular dealings, in which I have been steadfast while many have moved their lives and circulated and by horse and carriage have come and gone, I leave behind a lasting keepsake, and therefore finite, because my opportunity is thus given, an individual's grateful memory from that grave where so many rest, whose shadow moves in retrospect from ones so long ago as my soul moves on.

Perhaps these nails should also be the foremost restitution after my death passes. In my judgement now, however that I have from these ultimately is that, as all else in the circle goes, for what the same interest was, another more intimate good will become.

Notes: A few remarks from the translator 2006

(1.) The tone of this text is opinion versus the normal legal tone of the majority of Walter's books. (2.) Walter makes a point of his staying in Prussia, while another shift in power seemed emminent and volatile possibilities loomed. (3.) I am uncertain about the specifics of his reference to his granddaughter. (4.) The specific publication is not mentioned however he indicated that here he set his cites on Civil Issues,Walter was a founder of Cannon Law also (A religious doctrine of rights/laws I believe.) (5.) He infers that his legacy is infinite and finite, he took his opportunity and the memory of him shall be linked to his soul. (6.) The nails/brads in his coffin are compared to a restitution and they are sealing his rationale for the cycle of life which allows, in this case, his pursuits to continue to advance and grow after he is gone.