ELEELE Surgeon Awarded--

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph E. Walther, Rushville, Ind., air surgeon of the VII Fighter Command and holder of three decorations has been awarded the Bronze Star medal for research and experimental medical work to aid the Mustang fighter pilots now attacking the Jap mainland from this base on Iwo Jima. On a strike against the Jap mainland, Col. Walther was aboard a rescue plane and was prepared to parachute with special medical equiment to give aid to any wounded or injured fliers who might be forced to parachute into the sea. Col. Walther holds the Air Medal and the Silver Star for work in air medicine, and the Soldier's Medal for aiding in the rescue of the crew of a burning airplane. His mother, Mrs. Winona Walther, resides at 232 N. Perkins St., Rushville. He was graduated from DePauw University and the Indiana University of Medicine. Prior to his entry in the Army in March, 1941 he was a physician and surgeon at the McBride Sugar Plantaion at Eleele Kauai, T.H.