Cornelius Ruddell
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Cornelius Ruddell married Ingabo Bird. Subsequently his brother Stephen married Ingabo's sister, Mary. Clara Ruddell married Ingabo's brother Mounce and George Ruddell married Magdeline Bird.

Cornelius & Ingabo (Bird) Ruddell's Children


Cornelius is mentioned in Augusta, Virginia County Court records:

MARCH 22, 1753.

  (419) David Robinson, qualified Lieut. of Foot; John Cunningham, qualified Lieut. of Foot; Henry Cartwright, qualified Ensign of Foot; Joseph Langdon, qualified Captain of Foot; James McKemy, qualified Ensign of Foot; Thomas Langdon, qualified Lieut. of Foot; Cornelius Ruddle, qualified Capn. of Horse and Foot.
  (420) Robert Caldwell, qualified Lieut. of Foot; Archd. Ruddle, qualified Ensign of Foot; Henry Long, qualified Ensign of Foot; Wm. Bethell, qualified Lieut. of Foot; John Denton, qualified Capn. of Foot; Paul Lung, qualified Lieut. of Foot.

NOVEMBER 15, 1768.

  (471) John York, runaway servant of Robert Gilkison.
  (472) Constables: Joseph Hicks, vice Saml. Pepper; Andrew Calvin, on Little River of New River; James Curry vice John Clark.
  (472) Road surveyor: Thomas Rowland, vice Samuel McRoberts.
  (472) Constable: Thomas Brown, vice Walter Trimble.
  (473) Admn. granted to Saml. McDowell and Pat. Martin on estate of Wm. Wilson, on motion of Ann Pollock, wife of James Pollock.
  (473) Surveyors of highway: Cornelius Ruddle, from Reeder's Mines to Michael Warring's; John Crawford, vice George Poage, from Pedler Ford to Bullett's Springs.
  (474) Constable: Thomas Patterson, vice John Dixon.
  (474) John Mitchell (in Forks of James) enempted from levy. Charles Boyles, exempted from levy.
  (474) John Nelson complains of being detained as a servant of James Cotton.
  (474) James Anderson, Jr., (son of James Anderson, deaf) be summoned for not supporting his children in a Christianlike manner.
  (474) Robert Reed, runaway servant of David Hogshead.

Cornelius is refered to in the George Rogers Clark Papers, "The Illinois Regiment"

954-1-906-907-May 1779: Sundry accounts of the men belonging to Capt. Bowman's company. Some portions written in French. Total bills amounted to $227.50 and were payable to Charles Gratiot. Names: Sergt. Dust; Michael Sonilair ?; Pierre Coggar; George Leviston; Patrick Conroy; Thomas Clifton; William Mongomery; Abraham Sewzeter?; Barnard? Watters; James Webster Cotton; Sergt. Kelley; Telleman Kampher ?; Philips Long; Samuel Humphries; James McIntosh; William Berry; James Curry; Domigue Flanigen; Philippe Alburn?; Cornelius Ruddle, George Hite; and Charles McGlocklin