Culver Academy Course: (9 Holes) The Lake is bottom left. Notice the runway and airstrip tangent to the course. Smokey "Joe" Walther at the age of 92 road along for hundreds of holes of golf on this course in the Summer of 2005, with some grandchildren & great-grandchildren. Memorably he said after finishing "We conquered the course." The images below are of the other 8 courses on the 2005 Golf Schedule...

Culver C.C.: (18 Holes) He and his grandson swooped down on the Country Club course a couple times too. Left side is the Lake then a line of houses, on the other side of the road is the C.C.'s long and narrow 18.

Mystic Hills Culver, IN: (18 Holes) Top photo is the back 9 and the second photo is the front nine. Smokey also offered his expertise on the Mystic Hills Course about 10 times and at the age of 92, he managed to sustatin a minor golf scrape upon entering the cart, he was treated immediately of course, then on to the course with out missing a beat.

Highland C.C. Indianapolis, IN: (18 Holes) Notice lower right of center is the main building and a swimming pool. Out from the building and upwards is the front 9, the back 9 is the perimeter of the course. Another dozen rounds of golf here to complete Smokey's 2005 golf schedule. To say he knew this course would be an understatement.

Coffin & Riverside Indianapolis, IN: (Both 18 holes) First photo is Riverside, Second photo is Coffin, third photo is Coffin North of the river, There is another course South of the river we did not play. Riverside is North of Coffin. A return to an old favorite that Smokey played in the mid 1930's while attending the I.U. Medical School in Indianapolis... Coffin has been rennovated a couple times since and the new hole 15 is the old hole 1.... Quite a tricky course, Riverside the easier of the two is very scenic on the White River, and marked Smokey's first experience with Golf Cart Computers, how the game was ever played before, I do not know :)

Brickyard G.C. Speedway, IN: (18 Holes) Just 3 weeks before his 93rd birthday Joe Walther helped conquer the Brickyard Golf Course, twice (Veteran's Day 2005 being the second day...) A little wind but one hell of a time. Played the center of the track's 4 holes 3 times on V. Day.

Saddlebrook Indianapolis, IN: (18 Holes) First photo is the back 9, second and third photos are the front 9. Sometimes upon arriving at Highland we hit a tournament, or a closed day so the ProShop told us to go to Saddlebrook a course spreadout along a neighborhood, a new course for the old Golf Course List. We teamed up with other golf parties on occasion here and Smokey made yet more friends. The game is eternal.

Above are the two courses at French Lick Springs Resort, IN. the first image is of the course by the hotel, the second is the more challenging course down the road... Smokey played a tournament at the second course in the early 1930's.... he and Jack slept in the car... 70 years later he decided to stay in the hotel.

Courses of the Big Island: On the Whole Golf Subject, it would be remiss not to give it up for Paniolo Greens, Big Island, HI It is right of center, Doc definitely played Mauna Kea which is at the top of this photo as well.

Waikiki (Below:) There seems to be a golf course right by the beach in Honolulu. Hmmm... I wonder?