Section V

AWARD OF AIR MEDAL:- By direction of the President, under provisions of Executive Order No. 9158, 11 May 1942 (Bull. No. 25, W.D., 1942) as amended by Executive Order No. 9242-A, 11 September 1942 (Bull. No. 49, W.D., 1942), and pursuant to authority contained in paragraph 17, AR 600-45, 22 September 1943, and paragraph 3a(4), Circular No. 68, USAFICPA, 4 May 1944, the Air Medal is awarded by the Commanding General, Seventh Air Force, to the following named officers and enlisted man:

Lieutenant Colonel JOSEPH E WALTHER 034529, Medical Corps, United Stated Army, for meritorious achievement in flight. As Flight Surgeon February 1943, he participated in over fifteen (15) combat missions in order to obtain first hand knowledge of physical and mental effects on combat crews from long over water flights and exposure to enemy fire. Throughout these operations, Lieutenant Colonel WALTHER displayed high professional skill, courage, and devotion to duty which exemplifies the highest traditions of the military service.