A Birthday Story

by Mary Margaret

Once upon a time, 33 years ago, a chubby, little, blue-eyed boy of 10.25 pounds was born. He was a handsome baby and was given the name, Joseph Edward. He was a tow head and was bonny, and blithe, and good and gay, as he was born on a Sabbath day. From the very beginning he was a remarkable child and was always astonishing his mother with his clever ingenuity, e.g. the gracious manner in which he greeted guests at a party given by his grandmother when he was but three years old. It was about this time that he met a little red head who took quite a fancy to him. They saw qhite a bit of each other over a period of about 28 years. During this time the little girl always liked to be with him whenever she could because he was very nice to her and would ride her on his bicycle whenever she visited him. The little boy had always been a great sportsman and even in his early youth was expert with a gun. As an equestrian he won laurels too. In fact, he could ride anything, and often straddled the headlights of his father's car to ride at top speed. These arly experiences enabled him later to hand by his heels from an airplane traveling hundreds of miles an hour while he calmly took pictures of the scenery and action around him. Of all the sports he undertook, e.g. golf, tennis, swimming, bowling, football, basketball, track, surfing, etc. he was a champion and the little red head was extremely proud of him.

At a tender age he mastered poker and other card games and later excelled in bridge and chess. As a result of his capabilities in games of all sorts, he was a very clever and successful gambler.

Always a leader of his class at school, he kept his teachers hoping to keep a step ahead of him. He worked and studied very hard and graduated with honors from grade school and highschool. While in medical school he and the little red head would study often together and she admired his keen intellect and was honored when he helped her with her studies.

Once when she invited him to her sorority dance, she was so proud of him as her escort that she burst the sedams of her velvet gown until they had to be mended, while he graciously waited to continue the dance.

Upon graduation from medical school and completion of his internship, he became the physician, surgeon, and dentist on an island far away and the little red head didn't see him for several years. He returned for some further study and examinations which he passed with flying colors. The little red head was very pleased because she was able to see him again and this time he took her for a ride in his pretty car and they had dinner together. His stay was short, however, and he returned to his distant abode.

The next thing the little red head knew, her little playmate was a soldier, later to become the greatest of all Flight Surgeons. She knew he would, because he was so intelligent, kind, courageous, and understanding. He was gone a long time and was in many terrible battles. One day he came home bedecked with ribbons and the little red head was very excited when he called her on the phone. She rushed home to see him and heaer of all his experiences in those distant lands. Now, more than ever before, he was really her hero. They had a wonderful time visiting, playing golf, wining, dining and dancing. But, like Cinderella and her Prince Charming, their fun was abruptly interrupted and the little red head's hero had to return to war. She was very sad and worried for fear he might not come back and she anxiously awaited each of his letters. From time to time he sent her lovely orchids which she still has. Once he talked over the radio from onee of the battle lands and the little red head listened. He was to come home soon but the time was very uncertain.

Then, in the wee hours of the morning one spring day, the little red head was awakened from a sound sleep by sound of her doorbell. She was frightened but stumbled down the dark stairs, half asleep, and --Behold!-- waiting at the door was her Prince Charming. He was very weary and hungry from his long journey so she fed him and he fell fast asleep. Again he could not stay long. However, this time he was to return very shortly and there was great rejoicing because he was back to stay. Although they worked very hard, they found time for relaxation and pleasure, e.g. visiting over Blackberry Liquer to the accomplaniment of nice music and a soft rain; riding on a beautiful highway in the quiet, misty moonlight, as in a fairyland; on dancing and romancing. Then, very early on emorning he asked for her hand in marriage and, at last, the little red head's dream had come true and she agreed amidst a roar of thunder. Her father, mother, brother, other relations and friends were delighted, one and all, with the union of the charming couple.

And now they are to be blessed with a little gift from heaven, and so they will live happily ever after. (To be concluded in many many years to come.)