Archible's (1727-1787) third son Isaac Ruddell, lived in the Shenandoah Valley, he took care of his younger siblings, after Archible died. Isaac, first married Elizabeth Bowman (dau. of Johannes,) who was niece of Captain Isaac Ruddell's wife, also named Elizabeth Bowman.

Later, according to our family tree, Isaac married Susannah Loch. This line of the family, is strong, in genealogical terms. The Ruddell's Fort, and Ruddle's Mills in Kentucky, are often refered to as "Riddle's," for instance by Daniel Trabue (pronounced Trib-U.) Also in George Washington's couple references to Capt. Isaac, and older brother Cornelius, they are refered to as Riddell.

To this end, some of the family in Shenandoah used the Riddell spelling of the name. To emphasize their pronunciation; Isaac & Susannah's son James used the Riddelle, spelling of the family name.

James Riddelle, was born in 1808, at this time his twin cousins, Archibald and Charles M. Ruddell, in Kentucky were 17.

James married Rebecca Knissley and had a large family. Their sons, A.A. and Phillip Stover Riddelle, lived in the Shenandoah Valley. A.A. (Arch. Austin) fought in the battle of Gettysburg, and Phillip, went to Georgetown Medical School, and worked as a medical doctor in Woodstock, VA.

Sgt. A.A. Riddelle 1840-1911