Saluda Ann Camper
Saluda's Daughter

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In early times, the members of a "family" in a "tribe" became known by the type of activity in which they engaged. The name KEMPER seems to be identifed with the ancient German tribe, the Cimbri, who in 113 B.C. overcame the Roman army. The Romans lost 80,000 men in the conflict. The Cimbri tribe overran Gaul and moved into Spain, where they were repulsed. They were routed by Romans in the Po Valley of Italy in 101 B.C. The Cimbri were related to their allies, the Teutonites. Variations of "Kemp" are Kempen land (Campine in French), a geographical location in central Europe, and Kempen, a German city in the Bavaria area.

Recorded instances of the migration of members of the Kemper clan from Germany show they started moving from Germany following a series of misfortunes of a political nature. The Reformation (Protestant movement) spread throughout Europe, causing the Catholic and Protestant faiths to become increasingly antagonistic, resulting in open warfare. The 30 Years War was fought mostly in Germany, but all the important nations of Europe took part. Before it ended, Germany was impoverished, thousands had been killed, industry had been practically destroyed, and Germany no longer had a united government. The war ended by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. Germany was left desolate.

The Rhineland, bordering on the region where the early-day Kempers lived, was left devastated by the Palatine princes, a group of rulers who emerged from warring factions in the Palatinate section of Germany. The war parties moved about, stripping the land and its inhabitants of their provisions, supplies, shelter, and tools. By the nature of the name Kemper, is reasonable to assume that our ancestors were enlisted with the warring factions. The Kemper coat of arms, as shown in Vol. 3, page 99 of Compendium of American Genealogy-First Families of America, is a war-like shield with the legend "Die, Kemper," German for the "the warrior." "Die" is pronounced "dee."

The first that is known of the Kempers is that they were living about 1650 in the little German village of Musen, about 15 miles northeast of the city of Siegen, on the Sieg River, in the then principality of Nassau-Siegen, the present Prussian province of Westphalia. Siegen, Musen, and the surrounding territory belonged at that time to the House of Nassau, or the Nassau-Orange family. The Orange family still is the ruling monarchy in Holland. The Columbia Encyclopedia says of Siegen: "A city of 40,269 in 1939, and a population of 29, 922 1946. More than half the city was destroyed in World War II. Siegen lies in an iron—mining region and has iron foundries. Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish painter, was born here.

The neighborhood of Siegen, the center of the most noted iron production and manufacturing district in Germany, at Musen iron mines.

Musen, 15 miles northeast of the city of Siegen, is in the principality of Nassau. Siegen, the present Prussia, is in the Province of Westphalia.

About 1650, there was living in Musen one Johann Kemper and his wife, Anna, whose maiden name was Low. (Other forms of the name, Johann, are Johannes and Hans, or in English, John). (Johann & Anna are Roy & Winona's (7)Great Grandparents.)

The 1899 book said that knowledge of the Kemper family in Musen was obtained wholly from the records of the little Reformed Church in that village. The church with all its records was destroyed during the 30 Years’ War and now records begin with January 4, 1649.

The Compendium of American Genealogy identifies one Johann Kemper as "Colonel Johann von Kemper, here itary commander of Stahleak Castle, near Mannheim on the Rhine." No explanation is given of where this delightful piece of information comes from. It may be that Johann von Kemper was an ancestor of the Johann Kemper of Musen, which is about 200 miles downriver from Mannheim on the Rhine, and about 60 miles east of the Rhine.


Camper/Kemper Source

Otterbach Source

Spouses Families

Goebel Beer

(1535-1597) Wildenburg Farm, Seelbach, Prussia

Hans Stuell (ca1530-ca159?) Klafeld, Westfalen & Gertrud ? (1534-1590)
Hermann Heimbach (1515-1583) Hot Heimbach, Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia
Henchin Cuntze (ca1500-ca1570) Niederndorf, Germany
Robert Heath & Ann Poser
Friedrich Kemper (ca1575-ca160?)
Margarete Brumbach (ca1575-)
Jacob Beer (ca1565 -1625) Westfalen, Prussia
Hans Stuell (ca1570-1620) Klafeld, Westfalen, Prussia
(From Below) Hermann Schneider (ca1574- ) Trupbach, Westphalia, Prussia
Johann Otterbach (1550-ca1598) Eiserfeld, Westfalen, Germany & (Unknown) Demut (1553-ca1623)
Jost Heimbach (1580-1666) Seelbach, Prusssia & Anna Seelbach (1585-1679)
Johann Neiss (ca1580-ca1640) Seelbach, Westfalen, Germany
Arnold Cuntze (ca1530-) Niederndor, Germany
Robert Heath & Margaret Miller
Johann Kemper (1598-1670) Musen, Germany

Margarete Bracht (ca1600-)

Her Father was Adam Bracht (ca1579-)

Jost Stuell (1595-1666) Seelbach, Germany &
Ehla Behr (1623-ca1665) Above Left
Johann Otterbach (1590-1624) Westfalen &
Ottilia Schneider (1600- ca1657) Above
Georg Jurgs Heimbach (1605-1672) Seelbach, Germany &
Elizabeth Niess (Nuss) (1608-1665)
Elizabeth Niess (Nuss) (1608-1665) Hot Heimbach, Siegen, Prussia
Johannes Jung (1620- ) Trupbach, Westphalia, Prussia/Germany
Johannes Cuntze (ca1574-) Oberfischback, Germany
Winona & Roy's (7) Great-Grandparents
Thomas Heath

Johann Kemper (ca1635-1670) Musen, Nassau Siegen, Germany & Margarete Bracht

Johann was a blacksmith

Anna Loew

Johann Kleb
Johannes Otterbach (1622-1696 Westphalia) &
Anna Stuell (1628-1698) Above
Philip Heimbach (1633-1680) Westphalia Germany &
Maria Margaret Jung (1640-1678) Over to Right
Maria Margaret Jung (1640-1678)
Gottard Cuntze & Anna Oberfischback, Germany
Thomas Heath & Mary Lee

Hans Jorgen Kemper (1662-1731)

Agnes Kleb

( -1703)

Harmon Utterback /Otterbach (1663 Germany- 1749 VA USA)&
Elizabeth (Heimbach) (ca1660-ca1707 Germany)
Elizabeth Heimbach (1660 - ca1707) Seelbach, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany
Johannes Cuntze (1640-1675) & Elisabeth Schuster (ca1641-)
Thomas Heath & Winifred Jones

John Kemper

(8 Jul 1692 Musen, Germany- 1758 VA., USA)

Ailsey (Alice) (Elizabeth) Katarina Utterback (1697-1758)

Jost Cuntze (1674-ca1730) & Anna Catherine Reinschimidt Germany
William Heath & Elinor
Harmon Kemper (ca1716-ca1774)

Catharine Kuntze

(1720 - ca1775) @Far Right

Catharine Kuntze (1720-ca1775)
Thomas Heath & Martha Gilbert

Solomon Kemper (1754- )

*Will @ Bottom

Cecelia Valentine (1745- )

William H. Hayth & Mary W. Moorman

Harmon Camper (1786-1853)

*Notes Below

Martha Hughes

(1786- Nov. 12, 1841) d.Parke Co. Indiana



Virginia Father & Mother

Thomas G. Hayth
Saluda Ann Camper (1811-)
Winona & Roy's Grandparents
Virginia Hayth (1833-) (& Charles Cook)
Esta Cook
Winona McCampbell

Source: Peggy Miller ( sent, 5/21/2000 information regarding Solomon Camper, son of Harman Camper and Catherine Cuntze:

Will of Solomon Camper, Botetourt Co., Va. recorded in will book C, page 48. This was transcribed from a copy of the original will found at Botetourt County Court House in August 1999 by Peggy C. Miller. The copy was faint and difficult to read.
In the name of God amen. I Solomon Camper of the County of Botetourt being weak of body though of sound mind and disposing memory do make this my last will and testament. First I direct that all my just debts be paid & funeral expenses. Item I give all my property of every description both real & personal to my beloved wife Sissaly
(Cecelia) during her life and after her decease I direct that all my property both real & personal be sold the personal at public sale the land at either public or private and my Executor hereinafter named to make a bill to the purchaser or purchasers on a reasonable _____? and the money to be equally divided between the whole of my children to wit; Lucy Camper, Thomas Grymes Camper, Mary Ann Craft, Lydia Falls, Harman Camper, Lily Camper, Looks like Lily?, Sicily Bussy, Valentine G. Camper and the three children of my son John Camper dec'd to receive amongst them one equal share with the living brothers and sisters to wit; Jessey, Betsy & Polly Camper and if either of
the said brothers or sisters should depart this life before my wife, then share or shares to go to their children if the have any if not to be equally divided amongst the surviving brothers & sisters. I also give my grand daughter Betsy Craft 1 cow and bed & furniture
to be given to her when my wife thinks proper. Lastly I nominate and appoint my neighbour Thos. Wilson Executor of this my Last Will & Testament I do hereby revoke all others as witness my hand & Seal this 9th December 1822 Solomon Camper (his mark)
Teste; Thomas Wilson & Nephanish Knight (not sure of this name)
At Botetourt January Court 1824 -
This Instrument of writing purporting to be the last will & Testament of Solomon Camper dec'd. was exhibited in Court and proven by the oaths of Thomas Wilson & Nephanish Knight witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded.
A Copy Teste
H. Bowyer

Because of the Matilda Camper mentioned in his daughter Lucy's will, I believe the person I thought was Lily was Tily for Matilda.

Peggy Miller
Waldorf, Maryland.

Harmon Camper was head of family on the census of 1820 Botetourt County, Virginia, USA as head of family Harmon Camper. Enumerated in this family were: 2 free white males to 10 years old, 1 free white male 26 to 45 years old, 3 free white females to 10 years old, 1 free white female 10 to 16 years old, 1 free white female 26 to 45 years old, Number engaged in Agriculture 1.3

Harmon Camper was head of family on the census of 1830 Parke County, Indiana, USA as head of family Amon Camper. Enumerated in this family were: Free White Persons (including head of families); 1 male 5 to 10 years old, 2 males 10 to 15 years old, 1 male 40 to 50 years old, 2 females 5 to 10 years old, 2 females 10 to 15 years old, 1 female 15 to 20 years old, 1 female 40 to 50 years old. Total 10 persons.4

Harmon Camper was head of family on the census of 1840 Parke County, Indiana, USA as head of family Harmon Kemper. Enumerated in this family were: Free White Persons (including head of families); 1 male 15 to 20 years old, 1 male 20 to 30 years old, 1 male 50 to 60 years old, 1 female 10 to 15 years old, 1 female 15 to 20 years old, 1 female 20 to 30 years old, 1 female 50 to 60 years old. Total 7 persons. Number of persons in each family employed in; Agriculture 3.5

Harmon Camper married Eleanor Swaine on 6 August 1843 at Parke County, Indiana, USA.6

Harmon Camper was head of household on the census of 12 September 1850 Parke County, Indiana, USA as Harmon Camper, 64 years old, birthplace of Virginia, occupation of Farmer, value of real property $2000. Could not read or write. Enumerated with Harmon were Mary Camper, Nathaniel Camper and Eleanor Swaine.2

Harmon Camper died in November 1853 at Parke County, Indiana, USA