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Flight Surgeon Was Guinea Pig in Rescue from Sea

Flight Surgeon Was Guniea Pig in Rescue from Sea

The door of the office of Dr. C. R. Bird, medical consultant of the Indiana Legion, opened the other day. In walked Dr. Joseph E. Walther, 2626 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis. In military parlance, Lieut. Col. Walther is on terminal leave from the Army. Walther didn't have very much to say personally about his long sojourn in the armed forces. Others say he offered himself to be a "guinea pig" in parachuting to waters off Hawaii to test means of rescuing flyers at sea.

Furthermore as a flight surgeon in the Pacific he learned that Hawaii, Guadalcanal, New Guinea, Midway and Tarawa are something more than dots on the map. Also it was quite a distinction as a medical officer to have commanded an army post, Cochran Field, Macon, Ga. His wife, Mary Margaret, graduate of Columbia University, is the daughter of Dr. K. R. Ruddell, Indianapolis. Dr. Walther is a graduate of I. U. Medical School and en route to the University of Minnesota to do PG (Post-Grad) work.

Indianapolis Star 1945