Stephen & Mary (Bird) Ruddell
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Stephen Ruddell Timeline

Stephen Ruddell's first wife was Mary Bird, they married around 1753, Stephen was born around 1725 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Stephen's brother-in-law, Mounce Bird was married to sister Clara Ruddell.

Stephen Ruddle's Fort in West Virginia (1754 - 1760's), near Lost River was a settlers' fort halfway between Lost River and Lost City. Also spelled Riddle in some sources. A battle occurred near there in 1756.

Stephen & Mary (Bird) Ruddell's Children
James Ruddell
Eleanor (Ruddell) Nevill
Cornelius Ruddell
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This chart is an examination of some occurrences in the lives of the Stephen Ruddell & Mary Bird families.


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Another Chart on the Ruddell/Peters/Beggs Family Below is a Kuster family chart including Stephen Ruddell's family

(Below: "1700's Bird Family: It's About Time Vol. 2.")

"The families of John RUDDELL and Andrew BIRD were neighbors in Augusta Co., VA., and witnessed each others' documents. Mounce BIRD married Clara RUDDELL, John RUDDELL's daughter; and John named them in his will. It is probable that John RUDDELL's sons, Cornelius, Stephen and George married respectively, Ingabo, Mary, and Magdelene BIRD, daughters of Andrew, and that Andrew BIRD's son, Amos BIRD married Sarah RUDDELL, dau. of John. Andrew BIRD, according to Wayland, was son of Abraham BIRD of Calvert Co., Md., and was not related to the prominent William BYRD family of Virginia. The Rev. Twyman WILLIAMS, late of Hampden-Sydney, a descendant of Andrew BIRD, did considerable research on the family and planned to publish a BIRD genealogy, but died before he accomplished that. I understand that he furnished the BIRD data for Wayland's HISTORY OF SHENANDOAH COUNTY .

--- Many of the Shenandoah Valley settlers were English and Scotch-Irish from Penna., Maryland and Delaware who were seeking cheaper land as the western parts of Virginia and the Carolinas opened up for settlement. John RUDDELL came about 1745 from Chester Co., Penna., and there is a possibility that Andrew BIRD, too, may have come from Penna." - Info from Harold T. SMUTZ of Webster Groves, MO. (1976).


Mirror: 1700 Bird Family, "It's About Time"




Stephen Ruddell's great-great grandsons. Stephen's son Cornelius married Margaret Wilson, their son Wilson Ruddell's daughter Mary, wed Richard Reynolds. This is a portrait of Mary (Ruddell) Reynolds sons.

"Portrait ca 1900 - Paola, Kansas:

Middle, bottom row: Charles Q. Reynolds (1880-1953), George R. Reynolds (1865-1927), Wilson A. Reynolds (1869-1938), Ortho S. Reynolds (1871-1944), Ernest Reynolds (1882-1935)"

source Mass Memories Road Shows UMASS