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(Pictured Above, Theodore McQuoid & his Wife Sarah Ann White.)

Theodore Rouse McQuoid (1825-1885,) was the first child of 10 sons and 3 daughters. Theodore's mother was Mary (1806-1873,) Theodore's father, Maria's grandfather, was John McQuoid Jr., born in Orange Co. New York July 14, 1800, he died 15 days after his 63rd birthday in Union Co. Indiana. John's mother Mary Jane McIntyre was born October 6, 1774 in County Down, Ireland. She married John McQuoid Sr. in 1788. Mary Jane died April 20th 1832 in Union Co. IN, she is buried in the McQuoid Cemetery there.

John McQuoid Sr. had 2 sons (John Jr. & William,) and 1 daughter, Agnes. He was born December 2, 1772 and died March 12, 1824. John Sr. was the forth child, of 5 sons and 5 daughters born to James McQuoid and Jean McMaster. James and Jean were married May 16, 1764, Jean was the daughter of John McMaster and Jean McGeogh.

Sarah Ann White, daughter of George White and Rachel Wilson.

Sarah was born October, 1839 in Indiana, first of 7 daughters and 1 son. She and Theodore McQuoid married April 28, 1859. Sarah died aged 75, September 28, 1915 in Franklin Co. Indiana. She is buried at College Corner Cemetery, Union Co. Indiana.

Sarah's father George White was born around 1819 in Indiana. He and Rachel Wilson married December 19, 1838, in Brookville, Indiana. George was the son of Robert and Mary White. Robert was born around 1775 and his wife Mary was 5 years his junior.