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Glenwood Physician is Expected to Recover From Injuries Sustained in Accident


Pinned Under Wreckage For Thirty Minutes - Three Ribs Broken and Bad Bruises Sustained

Dr. J. E. Walther, a practicing physician of Glenwood, had a very narrow escape from death yesterday afternoon when his automobile

was hit by a C. I. & W. freight car at the crossing in Glenwood.

His car, with him in it, was shoved several feet before the freight was stopped, and Dr. Walther was in the wreckage thirty minutes before he could be removed.

That he escaped with three broken ribs and a number of bruises and cuts on his face and body, is regarded as nothing short of remark-

able. He was taken to the Memorial hospital in Connersville and today was reported to be resting easily.

It was at first feared that he had suffered some internal injuries, not that there was any indication of any, but because of the seriousness of the accident. It was not thought that a man could pass through what he did without being hurt internally. Physicians believed today, however

that he was not injured inwardly.

Dr. Walther had started north out of Glenwood and was detained at the C. I. & W. crossing by a freight train. He waited several minutes and finally the train was cut at the crossing. Dr. Walther impatient to be off, started across the track immediately and did not notice that a freight was also switiching on a siding running parallel with the main track, where the

train had detained him.

His automobile was hit squarely by the car and shoved along the track for a distance of several feet. The trucks of the freight car which struck his machine were derailed and his machine was piled up in the wreckage. The fact that he was driving a closed car hindered the rescue work and accounts for the fact that he was pionioned in the debris for half an hour. Part of the

frame of the automobile top had to be sawed, and with the use of heavy timbers, it was finally pried loose and Dr. Walther was taken from the wreckage.

Dr. Frank H. Green of this city


and Dr. W. R. Phillips of Orange were summoned and they attended the removal of the physicians in V. E. Lewark's big machine to the Connersville hospital.

Mrs. Walther and children, who were at Lake Maniton, were called home on account of the accident.