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Daughter of Tomorrow


Winona and Joseph are standing in the center. Joseph Jr. and Jack are lower left. This photograph is from Indiana, circa 1921.

The man and woman beside Joseph and Winona are unidentified. More photographs which include unidentified persons, possibly related, are on the following page:

Winona, "Jody" & Kitten

We believe that Winona and her twin sister Waneta were named after Native American wet nurses. Winona is translated, "Daughter of Tomorrow." Winona's brother Roy's middle name, Fleetwood was a Native derivative.

To left a photo of Winona at the helm of a mare. The woman behind her is unidentified.

A snapshot of Winona from the early 1930's.
Joseph E. Walther Jr., his mother, Winona is holding her first of 6 grandchildren.