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George F.

George and Charlotte's sons

In 1848, George Perry Ruddell, aged 23, and, his father Charles M. Ruddell aged 56, witnessed the Will of Charles M. Ruddell's cousin, Archibald Norton in Grant County, Kentucky. George's brother, Charles H. Ruddell was about 15 years old, at the time. Archibald's mother, Ann (Ruddell) Norton, was a sister of Charles' father James.

" Archibald's will was witnessed by Charles Ruddell and George Perry Ruddell. It was written on March 15, 1848, two dayes before his death. I have a copy of it in my papers. He leaves his wife the place where he has lived for the last two years and all of his personal belongings. There is apparantly a law suit over the title to the land and he tells how the legal fees are to be paid and when the land is to be further split up (after 2 years). It appointed his wife and his brother, George Norton, as Executrix and Executor, of his estate. It was produced at the April 1848 court term and recorded in the records 3 July 1848. Will probate book C 1845-55, p. 100. Commissioners' reports of divisions of land filed Feb 1854, and recorded 16 Aug 1855 in Book C, p. 587 (from General Index to Wills and Commissioners Reports, Grant Co., KY, copy in my files). (Copies of the original will and the division of the land along with a survey from the original court records is in my files.)"

" From the Grant Co. Circuit Court Order Book #2:

In the ejectment case of the Underwood heirs vs. Arch'd Norton & C.: Charles Ruddell is to survey the land involved. 23 Nov 1832. p. 391"

" From the Grant Co. Court Order Books:
- Sep 1841 Court: James Norton proposed to the court that a change be made in the route of the Turnpike road: alteration to occur at or near C. Ruddle's blacksmith shop and to run on the line between Norton's land and C. and Geo. Ruddle's land and to intersect with the old road adjacent to G. Ruddle's land."

(This note appears to mention, George Perry's uncle, George Ruddell's property.)