Bond Date: 25 Apr 1808. Bondsman: James RUDDELL"

Information regarding Cornelius & Jane (Mulherin) Ruddell's daughters, Nancy and Polly:

"Rutherford County Court, June 18, 1821

On application and petition of David McFall, guardian for Carnelius R. McFall, Barbara H. McFall, John D. McFall and Polly R. McFall, infants and minor heirs of Polly McFall, late wife of said David McFall and formerly Polly Ruddell, daughter and heir of Carnelius Ruddell of Davidson County, dec’d. And it appearing to this court here that said Carnelius Ruddell has departed this life leaving two children, the said Polly, mother of said infants and also Nancy, his daughter afterwards married to one Isaac Cooke and now deceased leaving Jane Cooke her only child and all of which dying intestate. And it appearing that said David McFall, guardian for said infants being desirous to have a certain tract of land divided which was granted by the State of North Carolina to said Cornelius Ruddell which has since descended to the said Polly and Nancy, his two daughters and which has since descended to the said infants and heirs of Polly and Jane, infant and heir of said Nancy. And it also appearing to this court that said David McFall, guardian for said infants of Polly, his late wife, has given to said Isaac Cooke, natural guardian of said Jane Cooke, now a minor more than ten days notice that he should at this time prefer this his petition for a division of said tract of land as described in said petition and bound as follows: Beginning at a white oak on the east bank of Stone’s River about half a mile above the mouth of Searcy’s creek, thence east one hundred and ninety two poles to an elm, thence south four hundred and fifty two poles to a white oak, thence west two hundred and twenty six poles to a white oak and dogwood, thence north four hundred & fifty two poles to an elm & white oak, thence east to the beginning containing by estimation 640 acres. It is therefore ordered by the courts that Burrill Perry, Glover W. Banton, Robert Montgomery, General Lee Nolin and Edwin Sharpe be and are hereby appointed commissioners to partition, divide, value and set apart to said infants & heirs of said Polly, one half of said tract of land according to quantity and quality and make a plain plat thereof and make return of the proceedings to this court as soon as they can at this term ""




"...all the men except one Riddle (Ruddle) were killed and taken"

- note: I'd read this many times, however only recently realized this may have been Cornelius. -2012

Letter from John Todd to Thomas Jefferson June 2d 1780:

"Mr. Isaac Bowman, with seven or eight men and one family, set off from Kaskaskia...

["(Kaskaskia, Illinois) fell on July 4, 1778 to George Rogers Clark and his force of 200 men including Captain Leonard Helm during one of the western most battles of the American Revolution. The parish rang the church bell in celebration, which has since been called the "liberty bell". ]


...on November 18th last in a batteau, attended by another batteau with twelve men and three or four families in it, bound to the falls of the Ohio.

["The Falls of the Ohio were long rapids caused by a 24-foot drop of the Ohio River over a 2 mile stretch of limestone ledges. This area became a natural stopping point for people traveling the Ohio River. The south side of the Falls became Louisville, Kentucky. On the north, the Town of Clarksville, Indiana was founded."]

I judged it safer to send to the falls many articles belonging to the commonwealth, by Bowman, than to bring them myself by land. Bowman's batteau fell into the hands of Chickasaw Indians and the other arrived in March or April at the French Lick on Cumberland, with the account that Bowman and all the men except one Riddle (Ruddle) were killed and taken"




"Sept. 18, 1777: Discharge of Capt. Joseph Bowman, who served as a spy from April 14, 1776 until Sept. 18, 1777 for 158 days in the company of Col. John Bowman with Henry Partling. Allowed 25 days to return home. Signed by Henry Partling. John Bowman's name appears under Partling's"

"May 6, 1778: Order No. 253 from John Bowman to George Rogers Clark, Commander of the Illinois County to pay $454.50 for furniture for the troops at Kaskaskia."

"June 10, 1778: Written in French. Account of Capt. Bowman from Monsieur Verrault. Bill of exchange from [Oliver] Pollock. Could not ascertain items listed."

"July 18, 1778: Order of John Bowman to Oliver Pollock for $63.00 paid to Ferncolt Flavy for goods, which he furnished Bowman's company."

"May 1779: Sundry accounts of the men belonging to Capt. Bowman's company. Some portions written in French. Total bills amounted to $227.50 and were payable to Charles Gratiot. Names: ... Cornelius Ruddle, George Hite..."

"May 10, 1779: Bottom Document. Invoice from Monsieur Beualieve for 12 day use of horse at 50 cents a day to go to Kaskaskia in service of the state of Virginia and $3.00 for a blanket. Names: Joseph Bowman, Col. George Rogers Clark."

"May 11, 1779: Third Document. Lieut. Richard Brashear order to Fort Patrick Henry Quarter Master for 18 pounds of powder and 34 pounds of lead for the militia of Capt. Bossoes. Names: Lieut. Bowoant?" (bowman ?)

"May 19, 1779: Written in French. Statement sent to Major Bowman for medical services and clothing for various soldiers from Aug. 13 to May 19, 1779. Names: ...Cornelius Ruddell...?"

"May 16, 1779: Bottom Document. Capt. John Williams order for 3 day rations for Joseph Lindsay, William May, John Hawkins, and Isaac Bowman."

"May 30, 1779: Top Document. George Rogers Clark order for 3 day provision for 5 men of Fort Clark. Names: Joseph Lindsay, William May, Isaac Bowman, Henry Prater and John Hawkins."


-June 25, 1779: Bottom document. Salt ration was issued for the militia at the Falls of Ohio. There were 33 rations provided for men in companies of Capt. William Harrod, Capt. James Harrod, Capt. R. May, Capt. I. Ruddel and Capt. Todd, and Capt. Jeff?

June 25, 1779: Top document. Written in French language. References to pack saddle for use in an expedition at Kaskaskia. Names: Major Isaac Bowman, F. Pefime?

June 26, 1779: Bottom document. Duplicate copy. Joseph Bowman order to Fort Clark commissary for 10 day provision for Major Isaac Bowman, James Matthis and "my boy", who were going to Post St. Vinson.

June 26, 1779: Top document. Appraisement of a lost steer by William Miller and William Gray. later proved to belong to James Barrady? Names: James Trabue. Verso has reference to Logans Fort, Kentucky and bullock. Use of steer? for militia. Names: Col. Bowman and James Trabue, commissary.

July 10, 1779: Inventory of sundry stores delivered to Isaac Bowman by order of the Major at Fort Patrick Henry. Items listed were 425 blankets, 9 pieces of blue stroud, 8 pieces of red stroud, 8 pieces of blue coating, 427 white shirts, 5 cotton shirts, 28 pairs of mittens, 24 vermillion, tobacco, 35 dozen of scalping knives.

July 10, 1779: Bottom document. Joseph Bowman order to Fort Patrick Henry quartermaster to deliver and inventory all of the remaining goods of the plunder taken at the post to Isaac Bowman.

August 12, 1779: Top document. Joseph Bowman order to quartermaster for powder and lead for himself and bowman to take to Falls of Ohio.

August 18, 1779: Bottom document. Capt. James Shelby order to Fort Patrick Henry Quartermaster to issue 4 pounds of powder for use of the troops to bury Major Joseph Bowman. [ Probably for firing salute over grave or body of Major Bowman.]

September 9, 1779: Fifth document on right side. Five day ration issued for 1 man. Names: Isaac Bowman, John Bowman.

November 11, 1779: Bottom document. Memorandum of goods sent by Mr. Isaac Bowman. Articles listed on each frame. Items included: Taffia, case of old bottles, sugar, coffee, table cloths, 7 shirts, pepper, dark colored coat, breeches, trousers, white thread, calico, 2 pillows, 4 candle mould, 2 dozen tumblers, 6 china and Delft plates, 3 dishes, 4 bowels, 3 cups, 1 silver coffee pot, 5 deer skins, 2 bottles in a wicker case, 1 sugar barrel, 1 bed, 1 tea set.

June 24, 1780: Duplicate filming. Faded. James Trabue certified soldiers, who furnished their rations meal and meat at Ruddell Station, Kentucky. Names: Capt. Isaac Ruddell, William Scott, Stephen Ruddell, John Mars, George Davis, John Davis, William Davis, John Burgos, John Conway Jr., John Conway Sr.

June 24, 1780: Top document. James Trubue certified Capt. Isaac Ruddell killed a bullock at Ruddell Station for use of the troops.

June 26, 1780: Second document. James Trabue certified George Cayle of Licking Creek, Kentucky County sold 1 bullock for use of the prisoners taken at Riddle's Station.

July 8, 1780: Bottom document. Commonwealth of Virginia paid James Kerr for bacon, flour and sugar furnished for the expedition against the Shawnee. Names: George Rogers Clark, Capt. Henry Prather, Col. John Bowman.


March 20, 1783: Bottom document. Duplicate film-ing. Isaac Ruddell certified he, George Ruddell, James Ruddell and John Ruddell were issued rifles, which were taken by the enemy.


March 9, 1783: Bottom document. Lincoln County appraisement of Peter Deyerle rifle, which was lost at the Battle of Blue Lick. Names: Archibald Marlin, William Griffin, Cornelius Ruddle, Alex-ander Robertson, Major Hugh McGarry, Col. Stephen Trigg, Gilbert Mar-shall, who was killed.

March 26, 1783: Top document. Appraisement of a black cow at Riddell Station. Names: Capt. Isaac Riddell, George Riddell, John Long, James Trabue.

March 27, 1783: Second document. Duplicate filming. Lincoln County Commissioners received account of James Trabue for his service in the militia company of Kentucky from December 8, 1779 to June 24, 1780 and for lost of his horse and saddle taken at the capture of Riddle and Martin Stations on June 24 and 26, [1780]. Reference to claims for payment of cattle. Names: John McDowell, Caleb Wallace, Col. Bowman.

No Date: Third document. James Trabue in Kentucky County certified David Patent served as commissary at Riddell Station for 105 days. Reference to his appointment being destroyed by the enemy.