Roy F. McCampbell
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Prof. Roy F. McCampbell @ Barnes School, (Click Above to Download)
Click Above To Download: Roy is Standing Center With Drums Indy Star July 1900

A photo of a sign painted by Roy Fleetwood McCampbell. The sign is for Pioneer Realty Co.

Mr. McCampbell graduated from the Barnes' School of Anatomy, Sanitary Science and Embalming. Licensed in Chicago, Indiana, and Washington, he was also elected as County Coroner in the 1911 elections in Washington State.

This photo from the Washington State University Photo Archive was taken by Frank Matsura. A 4th of July float, for Armstrong & McCampbell, specialists in interior design, graphic design and funeral services.

Roy F. McCampbell, photographed in Washington State around 1911. Roy is standing center with the shovel, he is working on the Elgin Canyon road, Okanogan, WA.

Photograph "Slip Gang," by Frank Matsura

Photo of Hotel Oxford, in Washington State, the Hotel's sign was designed by R.F. McCampbell, he also painted the building.