(Pictured Above: Henry T., son Karl R. and wife Kate)









Henry T. and Kate (Shaw) Ruddell ran a dairy farm in Robinson, Illinois and raised 4 sons, Karl R., Keith (who died in his teens of typhoid fever,) Ralph, and David. Karl Ruddell is Mary Margaret & Keith Ruddell's father.

Henry was born in Illinois, his (3)Great Grand Father was John Ruddell, (b. 1695 England, d. May 1781 Shenandoah, VA.) John and his wife, Mary Cook, had 6 sons and 2 daughters. Their fourth son, Archibald was born 1727 in Chester, Pennsylvania. Archibald's younger brother, Captain Isaac Ruddell, was in command of Ruddell Station, or Fort, locatated in Kentucky, which was attacked by the British and Indians, in 1780. There were about 470 people who lived at this location, the able bodied worked in the Ruddell Mills.

Archibald's son James Ruddell, was born August 20th, 1758 in Shenandoah, Virginia. James was captured, aged 22, during the attack on Ruddell Station and was taken prisoner for 2 years. He and the others marched to Detroit then to Canada along with Capt. Isaac Ruddell. James and the group were released in 1783, from Montreal.

Captain Isaac's youngest son Cornelius, was ambushed and killed by Natives in November 1786. His widow, Jane Mulherin, married her husband's cousin James, the son of Archibald. James and Jane had 10 children, including Charles Ruddell, born October 7th, 1791 in Fayette, Kentucky. His wife was Polly Collier. Their son Thomas R. Ruddell was born around 1842, he married Emily Trimble April 12, 1865, Henry T. Ruddell, their only child was born in 1866.






To the left are inserts of the 1870 & 1880 Robinson Illinois U.S. Census', notice that the Shaw family moved to town during this decade.

Unusually the spelling of the Ruddell family name has reverted back to "Ruddle," which was the common spelling in Kentucky, however the 1860 U.S. Census from Robinson Illinois uses the former spelling. All of Charles Sr.'s censuses from Kentucky use the latter spelling.



Robinson Constitution:

"Sep 19, 1917

Henry Ruddell Closes Out Dairy

The Attention of our residents is especially called to the dispersal sale of the dairy herd and equipment of Henry Ruddell, the 27th instant.

Mr. Ruddell has the oldest established dairy herd in the county; starting in the business in Robinson before the oil boom he has been a leading milk distributor since that time, adding the Model Ice Cream to his milk and cream business for the past three years.

Mr. Ruddell made a specialty of the dairy and has improved his farm with the view of establishing a permanent business.  The death of his son Ralph in an auto accident disturbed his plans and now, David, his remaining son having been called to the army, with orders to report this month, it becomes imperative that he abandon the business, hence this dispersal sale which will close out his herd and equipment.

These cows have been raised on the farm or have been in the dairy herd for some time and all have been selected and approved by Mr. Ruddell or his son.

note his ad on another page.  You will probably find it worth while to attend this sale."