Karl Ruddell was raised in Robinson, Illinois. The story goes that he read most all the books at the local library, assisted the townsmen with a local levy being built, and was tutored by a teacher who was boarding at the family farm. He left Illinois for Indiana University Medical School, and was graduated 1911, one year ahead of Joseph E. Walther Sr. Karl lead a distinguished career as a general surgeon.

Additionally to Dr. Ruddell's passion for medicine was his life long interest in Public Water Control, originating from his Robinson, IL levy building experience around age 11, Ruddell contributed to a more modern system during construction of a resevoir in Indiana in the 1960's.

Dr. Ruddell died in 1974, the following year his family established a memorial scholarship in his honor.

Karl was 22 years old, in Robinson, Illinois during the:

1910 U.S. Census

Karl Raymond Ruddell

b. July 19, 1887



The image above appears to be a carnival snapshot from Robinson, Illinois, although unlabeled it is likely Karl.



The image @ left is from a tin plate, unlabeled, originally thought it was Karl, but could be his father, Henry (pictured above, or one of Karl's brothers.) Below is a another childhood photo on tin, this I believe is Karl.

Above: Karl around 1910. @Right: Karl R. Ruddell, with trademark pipe. Raising arms of his granddaughter, his grandson is on the jungle gym. Below: Karl's mother Kate Shaw Ruddell, with her niece and presumably relatives, the woman with the black hat may be Ann Offord Shaw, Kate's mother.