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Dr. Ruddell, followed in the profession of his father. He worked as a surgeon, and was a captain in the U.S. Military during WWII.

Keith's grandfather, Henry T. Ruddell

was a dairy farmer in Robinson, Illinois.

Pictured at left in U.S. Uniform. Years prior, Keith appeared in a rendition of Fly Away Home.

The Robinson, Illinois Constitution, mentions Keith when he was visiting his grandparents, in 1919:

"Jun 12, 1919


Grandma Shaw went Thursday to spend a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Samuel C. Colton...

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ruddell of Robinson and grandson Keith Ruddell of Indianapolis spent Monday, night with her grandma Shaw and Tuesday night with her sister, Mrs. Samuel C. Colton, Keith returned to his home Thursday."

Capt. Keith Ruddell, Center, Military Uniform, flanked by his wife, Janie Kruse and sister-in-law Fran.

Karl R., Margaret & Keith Ruddell
Mary Margaret, her daughter Suzanne, and Keith Ruddell